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What's Happening at Sandpoint Adventist?

Pie Making at Sandpoint Jr. Academy

SJA Gym at Pie MakeThe gymnasium at SJA became a bakery on Sunday, November 11, 2014, as dozens of volunteers peeled bushels of apples and rolled out yards of dough to produce nearly 700 apple pies for hundreds of customers. The funds generated by this activity will allow every student at SJA to ski one day a week at Schweitzer for most of the ski season.

Apple Peeler

Dr. James Appel on Missions and Ebola

James Appel, MDSelf-supporting mission doctor James Appel spoke October 25, 2014. His years of experience in Republic of Chad have brought him into close association with Muslims and motivated him to study their history and literature, culminating in his writing a book, "Children of the East", tracing the intertwined stories of the decendants of Israel and Ishmael. During the sermon time he explained how both groups were at different times, key to promoting the worship of God.

Dr Appel's most recent African posting was at the Cooper Adventist Hospital in Monrovia, Liberia, in the epicenter of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. While most hospitals in Monrovia have closed their doors or been focused solely on the treatment of Ebola patients, Cooper had sought to remain open to patients with the many other health challenges still facing the population. Of course each new patient had to be screened for Ebola, and Dr. Appel was confronted with the disease many times during the course of his assignment. He developed a very practical, pragmatic attitude to the disease, which he shared with us.

 Dr. Appel's service at the Bere Adventist Hospital in Chad was the subject of an award-winning documentary in 2004. The journal of his experience in Monrovia, Liberia has been published on the Adventist Health International website, and a two-part interview with Dan Kleckner of KHQ-TV can be found at their website.

The audio recordings of Dr. Appel's presentations at the Sandpoint Adventist Church can be found on our Sermons page.