Sandpoint Seventh-day Adventist Church

Sandpoint, Idaho


Adventurer Club for 3rd graders.

To fulfill the requirements for the Busy Bee, children must complete the following:

Basic My God My Self
My Family My World  


Several awards are available throughout the program to earn badges.


Orientation Listening Award Meeting 10 My Family I, Tin Can Fun Ward
Meeting 1 Basic I & II, My God I, Disciples Award Meeting 11 May Family II, Basic III,4, Family Helper Award
Meeting 2 My God II, Basic III.1, Bread of Life Award
Special Guest
Meeting 12 Saving Animals Award
Meeting 3 My World III, Lizards Award Meeting 13 My Family III, Wise Steward Award
Special Guest
Meeting 4 Myself I, Stamping Fun Art Award Meeting 14 My World II, Homecraft Award
Meeting 5 My God III, Basic III.2, Prayer Award Meeting 15

My World I, Basic III.5, Baking Award
Special Guest

Meeting 6 Honey Award Meeting 16 Sewing Fun Award
Christmas Cooperation Award (Christmas) Meeting 17 Troubadour Award
Meeting 7 Myself II, Media Critic Award Meeting 18 Basic III.6, Bead Craft Award
Meeting 8 Myself III, Basic III.3, Temperance Award
Special Guest
Meeting 19 Magnet Fun I Award
Meeting 9 Postcards Award Meeting 20 Astronomer Award


Special Awards

Evangelism Excellence in Reading

Extra Awards

Awards which parents and Builder students can do at home.   Print out the outline page and sign-off once complete. Submit to Adventurer Leader or Director to notify of completion so a patch can be purchased.

Build & Fly First Aid Helper Olympic Swimmer II
Cyclist Gymnast Snowshoeing Tabernacle
Early Adventist Pioneer Magnet Fun II Stay Safe (multi-level)