Sandpoint Seventh-day Adventist Church

Sandpoint, Idaho

Eager Beaver

Adventurer Club for Kindergarten.

To fulfill the requirements for the Busy Bee, children must complete the following:

Basic My God My Self
My Family My World  


Several awards are available throughout the program to earn badges.


Orientation Listening Award Meeting 10 My Family IV, Pets Sward
Meeting 1 Basic, My God II, Beavers Award Meeting 11 My Family I & III, Helping at Home Award
Meeting 2 My God III, Bible Friends Award Meeting 12 Birds Award
Meeting 3 My God I, My World III, Scavenger Hunt Award Meeting 13 My Family II, Fire Safety Award
Meeting 4 Myself I, Alphabet Fun Award Meeting 14 My World II, Playing with Friends Award
Meeting 5 My God IV, God's World Award Meeting 15 My World I, My Community Friends Award
Meeting 6 Gadgets & Sand Award Meeting 16 Shapes and Sizes Award
Christmas Cooperation Award (Christmas) Meeting 17 Sponge Art Award
Meeting 7 Myself II, Manners Fun Award Meeting 18 Stamping Fun Award
Meeting 8 Myself III, Know Your Body Award Meeting 19 Animals Award
Meeting 9 Crayons and Markers Award Meeting 20 Animal Homes Award


Extra Awards

Awards which parents and Eager Beaver students can do at home.   Print out the outline page and sign-off once complete. Submit to Adventurer Leader or Director to notify of completion so a patch can be purchased.

Beginning Biking Jesus' Star Jigsaw Puzzle Toys
Beginning Swimming Jesus' Special Supper Left & Right