Sandpoint Seventh-day Adventist Church

Sandpoint, Idaho

Little Lamb

Adventurer Club for pre-Kinder.

To fulfill the requirements for the Busy Bee, children must complete the following:

Basic My God My Self
My Family My World  


Several awards are available throughout the program to earn badges.


Orientation Orientation Meeting 10 Family Fun
Meeting 1 Lovable Lambs Meeting 11 Helping Hands
Meeting 2 Lost and Found Meeting 12 Starry Night
Meeting 3 God's World Rocks Meeting 13 Head to Toe
Meeting 4 Hooray For Me Meeting 14 My Friend Jesus
Meeting 5 Little Boy Jesus Meeting 15 Helpers in My Neighborhood
Meeting 6 Zoo-rific Meeting 16 Trains, Trucks, and Tots
Christmas Special Meeting Meeting 17 Musical Me
Meeting 7 Sharing Meeting 18 Finger Fun
Meeting 8 Let's Eat Meeting 19 Fun with Friends
Meeting 9 Goin' Buggy Meeting 20

Weather or Not

Extra Awards

Awards which parents and Little Lamb students can do at home.  Print out the outline page and sign-off once complete. Submit to Adventurer Leader or Director to notify of completion so a patch can be purchased.


(None at this time.)